Terms and Conditions

  • REQUEST FORM: The Request Form for testing services can be found here. We must receive your signed Request Form along with samples to verify all testing information.  We will notify you if there are any questions including fields left blank, additional information that is needed, insufficient sample amounts, and problems with sample containers during shipment.

  • PRICING AND CHARGES: Payment for work performed is due at time the order is placed. If payment has not been received prior to receiving samples, a HAL representative will contact you to discuss options.  There are no refunds for cancellation of any part or all service once testing has begun and sample testing is in progress.

  • DELIVERY OF RESULTS: HAL will analyze samples and provide client final results electronically in the form of a Certificate of Analysis. HAL assumes no responsibility for damage as the result of incorrect testing information or results. The client shall indemnify HAL against all liabilities, losses, costs, damages, claims, obligations, fees and expenses, if relying on such information results in incorrect conclusions or results.

  • SUBCONTRACT WORK:  HAL may sub-contract out client samples as a result of instrument downtime, repair, or production issues. All microbiological testing is subcontracted to an approved vendor.

  • TURNAROUND TIME: Due to unforeseen circumstances, we may occasionally exceed the general 10 business day turnaround time for testing.  HAL cannot guarantee turn-around times, but we will make every effort to get work completed as quickly as possible.

  • LITIGATION: Clients are responsible for all fees when Harvest Analytical Lab staff is asked to comply with legal requests.  Any court summons will result in a fee of $3,200.00 per day for each employee, plus expenses.  This fee applies whether or not there is a need to testify.

  • CONFIDENTIALITY: HAL will treat all information regarding work performed for clients as proprietary and confidential. If additional contacts need to be involved in the testing process, they should be listed on the Request Form at the time of submission.  We reserve the right to contact the client on the Request Form to seek their permission when other parties are involved.

Terms and Conditions are subject to change at any time without notice.